Friday, December 11, 2015

Project update 11-30-15

We have gone through and removed as much polygons as possible to enable the model to load very quickly. Because the object is point of view only this does not detract from the experience as it will only show directly facing the viewer as default by Layar. Most textures were created by hand specific for each object. We had originally considered utilizing ads for the 'utopian' future world but have decided the textures stating 'oil' would be very literal as is. The message should be the prolificity of oil drilling in the future givin its status as a finite resource and America and other nations' fixation on fossil fuels and a stubbornness to move to more renewable resources. Utopia this shows the set up of a dystopian future oil drill site located in the middle of downtown Reno. It is a jarring and juxtaposing AR experience and highlights the necessity to move on from fossil fuels less we are forced to drill everywhere to supply ourselves. 

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