Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gallery #2 Student Exhibition

This gallery was comprised exclusively of Student works from the University of Nevada, Reno. Kevin Chen, an experienced curator, was tasked with unifying similar concepts within the gallery space to facilitate a more fluid exhibition experience. This was no easy task but I believe it turned out very well and there were a number of interesting key pieces that stood out to myself. The gallery consisted of 3 main rooms. In the first room there were numerous paintings along with a projector of looping digital videos projecting into a cavernous area. Down the hallway there were various assorted paintings as well. One had a very interesting aesthetic to it and reminded me a bit of Andy Warhol's pop art styled appearance to his pieces. It had very bright colors and clean cut rhythms and patterns that really helped emphasize this style almost indicative of comic-book style art. Another project consisted of 3-4 paintings stacked on top of each other with images of people trying to escape them pressed up against the "inside" of the canvas. Another painting featured a girl in the water. The next room displayed a very interesting digital diptych as well. The final room exhibited a dinosaur made from cardboard segments with oil company brands patterned painted all over. This piece seemed one of the most literal and blunt of the projects displayed. I found it particularly effective with the size of the dinosaur however was not entirely convinced cardboard was the best medium of which to sell the piece in its entirety. For a piece so literal I believe constructing it out of object(s) with more reference to the oil industry or oil process would have elevated its impact. However, with that stated it was a spectacular and well-designed piece and worked very well as an end piece to the gallery.

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