Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Project Update 11-23-15

We have begun a different stage of our project and have capitalized on the dystopian future where oil industry has taken over and we have begun drilling in every location possible including our intersection. We have a bunch of new objects including tanks, supports, and futuristic oil drills. We are working on texturing currently. These drills will show ideally on the phone in the foreground of the VR

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Project Update 11-16-15

Texturing is going well, we are hoping to get more detailed results later but these are the beginnings. The look is very gray so far but we are looking to ad more advertisements and add variation to many of the surface. Then we will export the file altogether as a .obj to be converted in the layar converter with an embedded texture map as well

Monday, November 9, 2015

Project Update 11-9-15

Working on preliminary modeling of intersection. Have the basics down with some embellishments added. Next steps will be texturing specific parts on the base objects with ads that hint at the utopia just before the fall of society. 

Project Update 11-2-15

Technical Rider
Art 451 Problems in Digital Media
Fall 2015

YOUR NAME(S): Zachary Cordisco and Mason Furr


MEDIUM: Mobile Augmented Reality

Our project is a site specific piece that will involve the manipulation of the site through augmented reality. The goal is to render the corner of fourth and sierra, when facing the silver legacy, of downtown Reno. We are choosing to model a society that is balancing on hope and fear. We would like to depict a civilization just before the apocalypse happens.

The work will be location specific. The corner of fourth and Sierra facing towards the Silver legacy will be our subject matter. 

In order to view our work, the user will need to have a smartphone with gps and to have downloaded the app called “Layar”.